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Horses and Horse Shows - 2005 and prior
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Three Stooges

Elizabeth with Jordan Brown and Melanie Galbraith at the 2005 NRHA Futurity.

Peas in a Pod

Elizabeth and Sarah McEntire plan the rest of their day. Carolina Fall Classic 2005.

Taking a break

Elizabeth and Jordan Brown relax during the 2005 Carolina Fall Classic

Elizabeth, Mike and Crew at Congress

Elizabeth and Mike celebrate a successful week at the All American Quarter Horse Congress 2005, Columbus OH

Elizabeth and Shawn Flarida

"Mr. Shawn" helps Elizabeth with her new horse. Jackson OH, August 2005

Elizabeth and Dale Bicknell

Buddy's trainer and previous owner gives Elizabeth some pointers on showing her new horse.

Elizabeth takes a test ride.

Elizabeth and Whizard Done It (Buddy) - August 2005.

Martin Audet

"The Stud Muffin" prepares for the show pen. OVRHA Snaffle Bit Futurity 2005

Keifer "Catch-Ride" Cosper

Keifer displays the form that is in such high demand at the DRHA Stick Horse Derby. His schedule is limited, so make sure to contact him early for your Stick Horse show.

T.J. "Scooter" McKenna

T.J. and VooDoo O'Lena - EPRHA 4th of July show 2005, Willowbrook Farms

Loping on the track

Elizabeth and Ritzy - May 2005

Getting Ready

TJ McKenna helps Elizabeth get Ritzy ready to show, FRHA Freestyle - Tampa FL 2005

Elizabeth and Ritzy

Getting ready to enter the show pen, FRHA Derby - Tampa FL 2005


Elizabeth showing Ritzy, FRHA Freestyle - Tampa, FL 2005


Elizabeth and Ritzy, FRHA Freestyle - Tampa FL 2005

First Reining Ribbon

Elizabeth accepts her first Reining award. FRHA Freestyle - Tampa FL 2005

Wash Job

Keifer and Jimmy McKenna clean Ritzy up after a trip through the show pen. FRHA Derby - Tampa FL 2005

Elizabeth and Bob LaPorta

Bob putting Elizabeth through her paces on Ritzy Catalyst - October 2004

1, 2, 3, whoa

Elizabeth and Ritzy working on spins - October 2004

Elizabeth loping Ritzy

October 2004

Elizabeth and Bob LaPorta

More loping work - October 2004

Elizabeth, Ritzy and Trish

Elizabeth leading Ritzy with Trish Tillman - October 2004

Elizabeth, Grandma and "Patches"

Reining Demonstration with Shawn Flarida, All American Quarter Horse Congress 2004.

Elizabeth and Debby LaPorta

All American Quarter Horse Congress 2004

Rita San Jo - "Patches" Owned by Double Run Farm

Reining training demo with Shawn Flarida. All American Quarter Horse Congress 2004

Elizabeth and "Cash" (SCF The Money Train)

All American Quarter Horse Congress - 2004

Grandma and Elizabeth

OVRHA Tradition - Lexington VA 2004

Elizabeth on Jody

First riding lesson with Bob LaPorta, September 2004

Elizabeth and "Pepsi" May 2004

Elizabeth and Pineapple preparing for the ring. June 2004

Elizabeth and "Pineapple" warming up before a show. June 2004

Waiting in the rain. June 2004

The look says it all... June 2004

Trotting, June 2004

Exiting the ring, June 2004

Rewards of the day, June 2004

Annabelle and Sprite, 2004

Alana and Countdown, June 2004

Bridgett and Pineapple, June 2004