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Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Wildlife Prints by Charles Frace'

Each of these prints have been in my personal collection for 10-20 years.  The unframed prints have been stored in the original publisher's envelope with their protective vellum overlays, taped flat and sandwiched between sturdy corrugated slabs.  All prints are signed and numbered in the artists hand and are accompanied by the publisher's original certificates of authenticity.  Retail values listed are based on a survey of internet outlets for Frace' works.  If you would like to discuss specifics about a particular piece or make an offer, please drop a note to cosper at cosper dot com.  I started collecting these works in college when I worked for Rick Schwartz, who is now president/director of the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere.  Charles Frace' visited Rick's private facility to photograph his snow leopards for research on upcoming paintings.  I enjoy and appreciate Frace's work, but simply don't have space to display them and consider it an injustice to keep them stored away.  The framed images are currently in shipping containers and I have been unable to determine their numbers.



Black Jaguar

Black Jaguar Head 167/1700 unframed