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The color and exposure of these photographs have not been modified in any way from the original.  Minor cropping has been performed in some cases to remove distracting components that could not be avoided when the photograph was made.  Prints will be available soon in several formats.


Blowhole #1 - Oahu, HI

Seeing a good "blow" depends upon the wave action. We saw only mist this day but still managed a couple of captivating photos.

Blowhole #2 - Oahu, HI

A little different than the first photo as the clouds softened the light.

Firedancer #1 - PCC, Oahu, HI

Twirling fire batons

Firedancer #2 - PCC, Oahu, HI

A single baton created this effect thanks to slow shutter speed.

Fire Dancer #3 - PCC, Oahu, HI

Another single baton effect. I especially like the movement of his head in this photo.

Fire Eater - PCC, Oahu, HI

Waikiki Sunset

One of the prolific torches along the beach captured at sunset

Eternal Optimism

Surfers on Waikiki waiting for the waves that aren't coming.

Palm at Sunset

Palm tree along Waikiki at sunset.

Temple Garden

Rock garden at the Byodo-in Temple, Oahu HI

NC Sunrise #1

First of a series

NC Sunrise #2

Second of a series

NC Sunrise #3

Third of a series

Foggy Sunrise #1

First of a series

Foggy Sunrise #2

Second of a series

Foggy Sunrise #3

Third of a series