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Peter Luger - Brooklyn


Steak at Peter Luger is a religious experience.  The superlatives haven't been discovered yet to adequately describe the flavor, texture and aromas that are presented to you sizzling from the broilers.  By far the single best steak I've ever put in my mouth.

The occasion was LinuxWorld 2000, there were about 15-20 of us, and it was one of the best times I've had with a large crowd in a restaurant.  Chris DiBona was the master of ceremonies and other participants include Joseph Arruda, Geoff Harrison, his (now) wife Tammy and others that I ought to remember but simply can't at the moment.  It was with great anticipation that we opened the front door and the experience only got better from there.  The waiters were fun, entertaining, helpful and efficient.  My recollection is that there wasn't much left on the table except empty dishes and no one left hungry, a testament to the experience and attention to detail provided by the wait staff.  I've visited plenty of restaurants with large groups and it's not uncommon to have plenty of food left over because the wait staff is more interested in driving up the average ticket and, hence, their tip.

Of course, we had the steak.  Of course, as my father brainwashed me years ago, it was medium rare.  A word of warning, if you ask for anything over medium at Peter Luger you're going to suffer dirty looks as well as a bit of verbal abuse.  As I heard the other day, "If you like your beef well-done then you probably don't like beef."  It just doesn't make sense to pay for the quality of steak offered at Peter Luger and then cook it to the point that it's only marginally distinguishable from a sirloin from the supermarket.   But I digress.  Back to our dinner...

The steak hits the table on a platter, trimmed from the bone and sliced.  It's simply impossible to be cotillion-correct at this point, so don't worry about grabbing one of the smaller pieces with your fork and popping it in your mouth.  We do advise that you keep your vocalizations to a low groan of ecstasy, unless you're willing to risk being kicked out for lewd behavior.  It's tender, juicy and flavorful, pure ecstasy from a cow, literally melting in your mouth.  All of the sides are appropriately flavorful but subdued, so they don't impede on the steak.

Bottom line - if you ever have an opportunity to dine at Peter Luger don't pass it up!