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Smith & Wollensky - New York

My first visit to Smith & Wollensky was in September 2003 while in New York for a shareholder meeting.  Having already experienced the heavenly rendition of "The Steak" from Peter Luger I took the profound endorsement of my dining companions with a few grains of salt.  I mean, Breyers makes some really good ice cream, but it's not the absolute best I've ever had, and when it comes to ice cream I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable person.  So, while I was expecting something above and beyond the ordinary, I was trying to keep things in-check.

Out of the gate, I'll just go ahead and say the service, steak and sides were excellent.  The creamed spinach (and believe me, I'm no Popeye when it comes to spinach) was absolutely splendid.  Even if you don't think you like spinach at all you owe it to yourself to give it a taste, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.  I also had a baked potato the size of a watermelon, and it was cooked to perfection.  My rib steak was flavorful, juicy, and the perfect temperature.  Just a slight margin of fat on the perimeter with the slightest hint of char on the edges.  I wasn't dining with a wine crowd, so we just had beer with dinner.  Overall a wonderful meal, but, as expected, a rung down the ladder from Peter Luger.