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Absolutely incredible, by far the best Cabernet I've had the pleasure to drink.  The occasion was the first quarterly report of VA Linux Systems as a public company back in early 2000.  A large group of us were in Orlando for ISPCon and while they had a hamburger cookout back in Sunnyvale the V.P. of Marketing took about 30 of us to Ruth's Chris for dinner.  I recall they had about 3 bottles of this in the house and we drank all of them.  Thus began my relationship with BV wines.  I now have a bottle of 1999 in the rack that I plan to hold for a few years.  In the meantime I'll enjoy the Rutherford or Coastal Cabernet.  In my opinion BV is just about the best large production winery in the country.  I think it's time to spread out and try some of their other varietals.


Intense fruit, rich and mature.  Long, smooth finish with just a little zap from the tannins.  Definitely dry, but hardly noticeable with all the flavors.  At the time this was probably the most aged Cabernet I had ever tasted.  Compared to others before and since, it is as if this wine had been polished, everything was smooth and rounded.  9/10