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Another delightful vintage of the wine that I have come to measure all Pinot Gri[s|gio] against.  (For those of you not conversant in computer-ese, that means select "s" or "gio" to go on the end of "Gri", i.e. you can make "Gris" or "Grigio" from the phrase, whichever suits your taste.  I have a feeling I may need to add quantity of this to the collection to make it through the summer.  We've just moved in to a house after a year in "Town House Hell" and several social events are already on the horizon.  I'm always inclined to bring out Harry's wine for both conversation and so I can do a bit of bragging.  Call me rude if you like, but I'd rather hold back a host[ess] gift in the rack and present my guests with more of a known quantity.


Obviously young, but delightful.  Fairly smooth on the palate and a little on the viscous side in comparison to other "young" Pinot Gri[s|gio] offerings that I've tried.  The nose reminds me of early spring flowers and the pungent, almost sharp aroma they produce along with a hint of pear.  Apples and pear with a touch of spice on the palate, with a nice kick from the acidity.  As is the case with more mature Pinot Gris from Chehalem, the finish is long and pleasant, absolutely nothing comes back to startle you.  7/10 with almost indisputable potential to move up a couple of notches after it mellows for a time.  But what are the odds of that happening?