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This is one of my favorite all-around wines.  It holds up nicely alongside everything but the heaviest foods and can carry all the way from appetizer to dessert if you ask.  I purchased a case of this from a retail shop in Raleigh, NC in 1995 and have managed to hold on to two bottles to this point (June, 2004.)  One of the first few bottles I opened back in 1995/96 was corked, the other 9 have covered the range from good (when they were young) to absolutely spectacular (the last bottle opened in November, 2003.)  I must admit that when I pulled the bottle out of the rack last November I chilled it down with trepidation.  Although I always try to take proper care of my wines there always exists the chance that "something" has gone wrong, and you're just not supposed to keep whites around for this long.  I'd like to tell you that this was all part of a long-planned experiment, but it was more a case of loosing track of wine and loosing track of time that happened to work out in the long run.  I plan to open a bottle in July or so and hold the last until October, when it will be a full 10 years since harvest.  Of course, there's always the threat that Harry will threaten me with bodily harm if I don't drink it sooner.  On second thought, since this is a reunion year for our family (Harry and my Mother are first cousins) I might hold on to the last bottle to share with Harry in November.

Silky smooth, mildly aromatic and downright decadent on the palate.  Discreet aromas, almost hidden, reminescent  of buttered almonds.  First impressions are pears and melons, with a texture so smooth you could think you were savoring crème brulee instead of drinking wine.  The finish is long and pleasant, absolutely nothing comes back to startle you.  9/10