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When we arrived at K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen we had already experienced a beautiful Burgundy at Emeril's Delmonico and a delightful Oregon Pinot Noir at Commander's Palace, so we were looking for something a little different on the wine list.  One of our party is of Croatian descent and knows the Grigich family, so we chose this wine based on his recommendation.  Four of the five of us chose beef entrees (I was the loner who chose Salmon in a sweet & spicy glaze) and this wine was a perfect pairing.  As advertised on the Grgich Hills web site, there was some sediment, but we didn't discover this until the end of the first bottle.  I've tried a handful of Zinfandels in the past and found one or two tolerable wines in the bunch,  the others just didn't appeal to me for various reasons.  With that experience in my past I tasted this with some trepidation that I quickly realized was unwarranted.


Tons of fruit; berries, berries, berries, nice balance; neither sweet nor dry.  Full, rich feel.  A long, smooth finish with a moderate tannin "hit."  Excellent with all kinds of food; beef, salmon, rabbit, turtle soup.  8/10