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I've seen this wine around lists for a few years and haven't bothered to try it until recently (June, 2004.)  I don't know what I've been waiting for.  You would think that with my exposure to other blended wines over the years I wouldn't have held the prejudice I did with this one for so long.  Maybe it's the pedestrian nature of the "White California Table Wine" label that turned me off.  Whatever the cause of the ailment, I've certainly been cured at this point.  With the popularity of this wine on restaurant lists it is likely to take a high position on the list of "wines to drink when you're not in the mood to try something new." 


Fresh and fruity after it recovered from hypothermia, we had to let this bottle sit on the table for a while for the aromas and flavors to appear.  I thought I might have to wrestle the waiter to keep the bottle out of the bucket of ice.  After some time to warm it was an infinitely drinkable, smooth and flavorful wine without any rough edges and a full, silky texture.  Long and smooth on the finish, this is definitely a wine to come back to time after time.  8/10.