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Forget everything derogatory you've ever thought about blended wines.  With all of the hybrids on the market (including Chehalem Cerise) this is a mongrel of the highest pedigree.  (I'm sure Harry will love that analogy...)  Contrary to popular opinion, this isn't a mulligan stew generated from cleaning out the cellar, rather a blending of select barrels that just missed the cut for Reserve bottling.  Overall this is our favorite Pinot Noir from Chehalem if for no other reason than the versatility.  A prime example of the sum being greater than the parts.  If you're lucky enough to find Chehalem on a restaurant wine list this is the most likely selection to be offered.  We like it because it's one of the few reds that get unanimous consent and it can span a menu from appetizer to entree  and almost get you all the way through dessert.  (We're still searching for the perfect dessert, Tiramisu is the best we've found so far.)  We've opened a couple of bottles of this fresh from the winery, and while certainly far from disappointing, I think it's exponentially better after a year or two mellowing in the rack.  This is the red we keep stocked for emergencies.  An excellent wine at a reasonable price.

Smooth,  aromatic, clean and fruity, simply pleasing.  Hints of spice, but just a hint, lots of blackberry that remind me of crawling across ditch banks as a child with the juice of wild berries dripping from my chin.  Nice, long finish with smooth no surprises. 7/10