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Yes, I know it's a 2003 label.  Lighten up!

One word, WOW!  My unconfirmed suspicion is that this offering is a byproduct of my cousin's previous life as a process/industrial engineer.  Three different Dijon clones from their three Estate Vineyards, fermented only in stainless steel (the name INOX comes from the French for stainless steel, inoxidable) without lees contact and with no malolactic fermentation.  No butter, no oak, this is a great wine to present to your "ABC" friends as a blind test.  I usually open a bottle of this alongside a nice Pinot Gris or a more traditional Chardonnay as a point of comparison if friends are over.  It's great fun to listen to them talk through the comparison as they try to deduce what they're drinking.  More often than not the conclusion is that it is definitely not Chardonnay.  We're still enjoying the last of our 2002 while we wait for the 2003 to arrive.  If you can find this anywhere I highly suggest picking up a bottle or two; only 1600 cases were produced and I understand that they're selling at a rapid clip.


Crisp and clean are the most fitting words I can come up with for this wine.  Lots of flavor that my inexperienced palate can't segregate and an absolutely seductive aroma.  Is it fruits or flowers?  One thing it definitely is not is weighty.  This is a wine you can drink every day.  9/10