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If sales are any indication this vintage has far outpaced 2002.  It was just released and has already sold out!  New for this year is a Stelvin screw-top, which I must admit I really like for this particular wine.  The convenience of being able to enjoy a glass and save the rest for later is a nice option for those warm summer afternoon refreshment opportunities.  Word from Chehalem is that the 2002 Willamette Valley Chardonnay is the last of that label, their shifting their focus to INOX.  I can't say that I doubt their decision in the least.  By my measure the 2003 INOX shows improvement over the 2002, which is hard to believe.  I've not done a side-by-side tasting yet, but plan to conduct such an experiment the next time we have friends over for dinner.


Like 2002, this wine is exceptionally crisp, clean, light and refreshing.  Hints of tropical fruits and flowers with the slightest sharpness followed by a smooth, lingering, fruity finish.  Wonderful with a tuna salad sandwich, I'm sure it would be incredible with coconut shrimp, broiled scallops, mahi mahi, or your other favorite mild seafood dish.  This is still a wine you can drink every day.  I'll keep it at 9/10 so Harry can have something to strive for next year.

UPDATE: In another of my well planned and carefully considered wine experiments I screwed open a bottle of INOX in mid-August, poured a glass and returned the bottle to the wine cooler.  Six weeks later (October 2) I retrieved the bottle and was absolutely astonished.  Harry might be able to tell a difference, and I'm sure a Master of Wine could detect a change, but I couldn't tell a whit of difference.  To Harry - bring on the screwcaps!